“[In Kiburara] Children were suffering from stomach diseases and eventually dying. Since the wells, health has improved greatly and there are no cases of young children losing their lives.”
– Moses Nkwatsibwe

The Story

In 2008, we traveled to western Uganda to visit and be involved in the work of Kiburara Gospel Centre Church. While in Kiburara we saw the filthy drinking water and learned that waterborne diseases were the leading cause of death. Motivated by what we observed, we returned home and by the end of the year raised enough money to build three wells for the village (pictured above). Today waterborne illnesses are no longer the leading killers in Kiburara.

Now we want to give people in neighboring villages access to the same clean drinking water. We started this site with a goal to build an additional three wells in these villages, and we need your help. Only $23 will give one person water for the rest of their life!

These are the 3 sites where we hope to plant new wells.
Without your contribution, we will not be able to give these
villages clean drinking water.


Today nearly 600 people in this village of subsistence farmers are drinking from the water hole pictured above. The dirty water has caused stunted growth and sickness in the children. It is also one of the causes for their low levels of education.


Around 540 people in this village are drinking water from the small pond of dirty water pictured above. If Kakinga and Kinyarwanda receive wells, up to 4,000 people in surrounding areas will get clean water as well.

Kiburara prison

400 inmates, 200 family members of the prisoners and guards, and 600 students at the nearby primary school depend upon a small pond of dirty water for drinking. As a result, skin and other waterborne diseases are affecting people.


We are students, teachers, computer programmers, nurses, artists, businessmen and women--pretty much normal people. We are Christians who attend Covenant Life Church in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and have a love for the people in western Uganda.

Kiburara Gospel Centre Church

Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe started the church in 1996 out of his care for inmates at the local prison. From this one church, several other churches have begun in nearby villages--all with a passion to see people know Jesus Christ and to meet their physical needs.